A Blessing of Love for the Earth

May the blessings of divine love be upon the earth as a being,
And upon all those associated with it, without exclusion,
So that the progress of the earth and those associated with it
Toward their spiritual potential might be facilitated,
And the transformation of the earth might thereby be expedited,
From a sphere beset by so much fear and conflict
To one where love and harmony might prevail as the basis of social interaction,
And where compassion and concern for the common good might flourish.

And further, that all plans, designs and conspiracies,
By any individuals or groups whatsoever,
for the conquest or domination of the earth and those that live upon it,
In violation of universal law or in violation of the best interests of all who are concerned,
Might fail and come to naught, or, by the grace of God,
Be turned to the service of the good of all concerned.

And further, that all secret tyrannies affecting the earth,
Perpetrated by any individuals or groups,
Which exercise control or manipulation upon humankind,
Or which perpetrate oppression upon humankind,
In violation of universal law, the best interests of all concerned, or the of freedom of choice,
Might come to light
So that knowledge of the truth of these matters
Might enable humanity’s freedom from such oppression.

And further, that the success of all endeavors
In pursuit of the common good of all humanity
And the best interests of the earth and those associated with it,
Might be facilitated.

And further, that those who pursue the good of all concerned
Might be strengthened to withstand
Any opposition to their efforts
From those who oppose the good of all.

Let these things be made so only in accord
With the wisdom and judgment of the Supreme Being,
And with universal law and the best interests of all concerned.
And lastly, if it is beneficial to all concerned
That this blessing be shared with others,
Then let the Holy Spirit guide its dissemination.

So be it

(The author of this prayer is anonymous)

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