May Flowers?

A Spring Devotion

God is love, and those who remain in love remain in God and God remains in them.                                                                                                                                                    I John 4:16

“April showers bring May flowers.” But if this axiom is true, what do April snowstorms bring? I saw a humorous Facebook post recently that featured a street full of people, frantically digging out after a blizzard.  The caption read, “Meanwhile in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites are shoveling the road for the annual Fourth of July parade.”

This year, it seems like winter will never end. But here’s the thing.  It will. As proven by our late April thaw, snow will melt away, the temperatures will rise, the flowers will bloom again, and the birds will sing. (And it will probably be in the upper 90’s and humid for the Fourth of July parade)

Faith kinda follows this same logic.  We all know someone who is experiencing a “winter” time in their life. The seemingly endless snow of struggle and grief, of fear and doubt, continue to blind them to any possibility of a coming thaw. But that’s why God has called upon all of us, whether we’re the one stuck in a snowbank or the one driving the plow truck; God has called upon all of us to be in community with one another and with God. Sometimes we mistakenly view faith as an individual thing.  But it’s not.  Faith is a shared journey of love.

The “love” part is key here. The author of the First Epistle of John says that “God is Love.”  That’s a huge statement.  It’s huge because he isn’t saying that God only imparts love (which God does) or that God only expects love (which God also does), but that God is Love.  So, love itself isn’t only the core of the gospel message, it is the gospel! Love, the unconditional, often unexpected, universal Agape of God is finally the healing that humanity seeks; it’s the spring of our existence.

So, have faith my friends.  The snow will melt, spring will come, and the Love of God will continue to bring warmth and grace into all our lives…  …eventually.

Peace & Blessing for the Journey.

Pastor Phil

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